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How To Fix Network Drives (Mapped) Not Working Issue in Windows 10

Network Drives (Mapped) are exceptionally helpful when you have to get connected with a drive which is on different PC, or on an external storage. It makes getting to files simple. Fix Network Drives Not Working Issue.

In any case, if your network drives don’t work in Windows 10 v1809, its certainly an inconvenience.

There are several ways Windows informs about its non-availability. One of the indication could be the red X that appears on the system network drives or says unavailable when utilized from the command prompt or through notification. It might so happen that network drive takes more than expected to get connected, so we would suggest you run a couple of scripts when you sign in to your PC.


Fix Network Drives Not Working Issue


Network drives (Mapped) not working

Before we proceed with the workarounds, you need to understand that some exercise works under specific scenarios. One may require network access at logon, while others may require access to group policy settings. So decide and select which works best for you.

Whenever Mapped network drives are not appearing, connecting or working in Windows 10 once you logon to the PC, you can attempt these workarounds which utilize scripts to ensure you are connected with them when you begin using your PC.


Make Scripts

In general, there are two scripts here. MapDrives.ps1 executed by MapDrives.cmd, and done at a regular (non-elevated) command.

Make a script file named MapDrives.cmd, and after that save it on a place where the files  will be protected and safe enough.

PowerShell – Command “Set-ExecutionPolicy – Scope CurrentUser Unrestricted” >> “%TEMP%\StartupLog.txt” 2>&1

PowerShell – File “%SystemDrive%\Scripts\MapDrives.ps1” >> “%TEMP%\StartupLog.txt” 2>&1

Similarly, make a script file named MapDrives.ps1 with the below content and ensure that you keep both the scripts in a similar envelope.




$MappedDrives = Get-SmbMapping |where – property Status – Value Unavailable – EQ | select LocalPath,RemotePath

foreach( $MappedDrive in $MappedDrives)


try {

New-SmbMapping – LocalPath $MappedDrive.LocalPath – RemotePath $MappedDrive.RemotePath – Persistent $True

} catch {

Write Host “There was an error mapping $MappedDrive.RemotePath to $MappedDrive.LocalPath”



$i = $i – 1

if($error.Count – eq 0 – Or $i – eq 0) {break}

Start Sleep – Seconds 30


Conceivable ways to execute the script to connect with mapped network drive

Fix Network Drives Not Working Issue

1] Create a startup thing

This works just for the devices that have network access at login. In the event that it’s not there, the script will get failed to reconnect the system network drivers.

  • Now, kindly open Startup folder located at %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp and duplicate glue MapDrives.cmd inside it.
  • Next, open Scripts folder located at and %SystemDrive%\Scripts\ duplicate glue MapDrives.ps1 in that organizer.

You can see now a log file named as StartupLog.txt in the %TEMP% organizer being created.

To ensure that network drives open, re-login.

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2] Create a scheduled assignment (Task)

It is conceivable to make a Scheduled assignment which keeps running when the user sign in to the PC. Firsly copy the scripted file MapDrives.ps1 to the script folder of Windows at %SystemDrive%\Scripts\. Next dispatch the Task Scheduler. You can look for in the search box, and it will show up.

  • Please select Action > Create Task and in the General tab type a name and portrayal of the task.
  • Now, kindly click on the Change User or Group button, and select a local user or group. And, select OK.
  • Here, have a check on the box which says “Run with highest privileges”
  • You need to switch to Triggers Tab, and make new trigger with an option”At Logon” in the Begin the task drop-down, tap OK.
  • Presently, switch to the Actions tab
  1. Make a new action, and select to start a program.
  2. Type Powershell.exe in Program/Script field.
  3. Now, in the Add arguments field (optional), type the following: windowsstyle hidden – command.\MapDrives.ps1 >> %TEMP%\StartupLog.txt 2>&1
  4. Kindly type the location (%SystemDrive%\Scripts\) of the script file in the Start field (Optional).
  • Here, on n the Conditions tab, you should only select the Start just if the following network connection is an available option, select Any connection, and afterward select OK.

Log off from your account, and log in again. & Fix Network Drives Not Working Issue.

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3] Group Policy settings

This is required if the mapped drives are defined through the Group Policy settings. You should update the action of the drive maps to Replace.

Thus, it will delete the current mapped drive and make the mapping again on each logon. In any case, any settings on the mapped drive that are changed from the Group Policy settings will be lost on each logon. On the off chance that the changes don’t work, run the gpupdate command with the/force parameter to revive the Group Policy setting immediately. Fix Network Drives Not Working Issue.

Hope the article helps!☺

Need help? Contact Microsoft Support Team on +1-877-353-1149 (Toll-free) and get instant technical help from Microsoft Certified Technicians & Experts for your Windows Computer.

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