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8 Common Windows 10 Problem- Learn How Microsoft Professional Support Fixes Them

If you already have moved to the Windows 10 operating system, you’ll realize that it’s a major enhancement for its forerunners and has some extraordinary features. Be that as it may, similar to each other operating system, it’s not immaculate and you will now and again keep running into issues. Luckily, not many PC issues are without an answer. Here are 8 of the most widely recognized Windows 10 issues and how Microsoft Professional Support fixes them.

Insufficient space to install a Windows Update

In the event that you need a snappy method to free up several gigabytes of room, we prescribe CleanMyPC. It will uninstall applications and every one of their documents, tidy up Windows Registry database, and evacuate temporary records that are as yet staying nearby. It can evacuate documents consequently, in the wake of checking your PC, or you can audit the results of the scan and choose for yourself what to erase.

Microsoft Professional Support

Another approach to deal with this issue is auto-free space on your hard drive or SSD. One approach to do that is to utilize the Built-in Disk Cleanup apparatus.

  • Tap on the Start menu
  • Select All Programs
  • Select Accessories, later System Tools
  • Tap on Disk Cleanup
  • Under the Files to erase a heading, pick which file record types you need to delete
  • In case you don’t know about which file record types to dispose of, select every one thusly and read its description
  • When you’ve chosen the file record types to delete, click OK

Need Help? Please reach out to Microsoft Professional Support round the clock and get instant help from Microsoft support. Dial Now, +1-800-201-4243 (Toll-free).

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Slow PC Booting

There are various reasons Windows 10 may boot slowly. The initial two things to check are that Windows is brand new and hasn’t been contaminated with malware.

  • How to check for malware:
  • Kindly press the Windows key and “I”
  • Select Update and Security
  • Now, select Windows Defender
  • Tap on Open Windows Defender
  • Here, press Full Scan and the Scan now

Once the PC finished scanning, kindly follow the on-screen steps/instructions.

For Windows update check, kindly go to Updates and Security and then select the option to either check for updates or install newly available updates.

Still, help required? Kindly reach out to Microsoft Support Professional for an instant live assistant.

Documents open in the wrong app

The majority of our double click a file document to open it, however, few times that the record association in Windows is broken, as it regularly seems to be, it won’t open in the application you expect that it should. You can fix that by tapping on the Start menu and choosing accurate Settings. Tap on the System tab and search for the category marked “default apps.”There, you can decide what application opens each kind of file document and specify an application for various file record expansions.

It is difficult sometimes that user gets the all expected applications available in settings of Windows has some serious problem, and in that case, Microsoft professional service support can be a great and immediate help for users.

Windows utilizes 4G date service when you don’t need it to

In case you’re utilizing an individual hot spot to interface with the web over 4G, the exact opposite thing you need is for background procedures and downloads to gobble up your data bandwidth.

  • Kindly tap on the Start menu and select Settings
  • Tap Network and Internet
  • Now select Wi-Fi, then Advanced Options
  • Here switch “Set as metered connection” to ON position

There is more or less possibility that this problem can be related to your Internet service provider or might be the network ports are damaged somehow and it may cost you a little price, you can always confirm the information at Microsoft Professional Support Price before you directly pay to any local or online support technician.

Such a large number of notifications

Activity Center in Windows 10 is incredible for keeping every one of your notifications at one place. In any case, it can rapidly end up cluttered with messages you’re not by any means intrigued by from applications you hardly ever use. Luckily, you can switch those off.

  • Kindly go to the Start menu and select Settings
  • Tap on System, at that point select Notifications and Actions
  • Utilize the toggle switches to control how and when notifications show up, or on the off chance that they show up by any means.

In the event that you don’t longer need the program with annoying notifications, you can uninstall it and overlook the pain. Or reach out to Professional Support Microsoft at +1-800-201-4243 (Toll-free) round the clock and get instant help from a tech expert.

Error message- System Restore has gone missing

Please note, System Restore hasn’t disappeared in Windows 10, but it might get turn off by default, for reasons best known to Microsoft Corp. To turn it on again, do follow the below instructions:

  • Tap on the Start menu and type ‘System Restore’ into the search bar/box
  • Choose to Create a restore point
  • And when you are able to see the System Properties panel, tap on the System Protection tab
  • Ensure your C: drive is chosen and press Configure
  • Tap the radio button alongside Turn on system protection
  • Utilize the slider to determine the amount of your hard drive to use for restore points — 5-10% ought to do it

Please note, these problems can be little tricky or sometimes not available to access due to some serious threats available in the computer, in such case, we recommend to contact Microsoft Professional Support immediately in order to fix it quickly.

Several pop-ups in Microsoft Edge

Spring up adverts can be baffling. Luckily, Edge has a developed in the pop blocker, however, it’s off by default. To turn it on, dispatch Edge, click on the More button (three dots) and select Settings, at that point View advanced settings. Set Block pop-ups to “On”.

If you do not find such option available in Edge then Kindly contact Microsoft Professional Support USA at +1-800-201-4243 (Toll-free) if you reside in the USA and get instant help from a technical engineer.

Printer problems

Printers are a typical source of inconvenience; however, it can regularly be easily fixed.

  • Kindly visit Control Panel, and then select Devices and Printers.
  • Now right click on your printer and select to remove it.

Here, go to your printer maker’s official website and download the most recent drivers for your printer and follow the guidelines to install them. Users can also reach out to Microsoft professional services support to know the exact reason for causing printer problem.

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Hope the post helps!

Help required? Please reach out to Microsoft Professional Support straight-line on +1-800-201-4243 (Toll-free) and get instant assistance from Microsoft Certified Technicians.

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