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Microsoft users need to understand Windows Core OS ‘Light’

Understanding the Windows Core OS Lite

In spite of various leaks about Windows Core OS, WCOS, Microsoft never has openly clarified on this terminology. To a limited extent, this might be the results of the consistently evolving nature of WCOS. What’s more, based on another report out recently, it seems that there might be one more new WCOS wrinkle.

WCOS is, more or less is the successor to Windows OneCore – Microsoft’s strategy to modularize Windows and make a shared kernel and dev platform. That would enable the foundation of Windows 10 to be shared across respective devices, sources reported.

I’ve been hearing that Microsoft was trying to modularize Windows 10 further and make WCOS and a bunch of various shells (like Aruba, Scarlett, Polaris, Andromeda and others) to take a shot at different form factors. This was the earlier plan of record up in beginning of this year.

Despite the fact that subsequent Windows 10 software development kits contained references to WCOS and Andromeda. Microsoft racked, temporarily, plans to release a dual-screen, phone measured Andromeda device.

WCOS, in any case, lived on as the computer operating system for future Windows devices.

Per sources reports, nonetheless, a need for WCOS shifted. Instead of being a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) just platform, as it was initially designed, Microsoft authorities decided to permit WCOS to run Win32 applications.

I believe, this is where the thought of Windows “Light” comes in.

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Windows 10 SDK 18282

Microsoft users need to understand Windows Core OS 'Light'


Last week, Tero Alhonen posted a list of what appeared to be different Windows SKUs, or editions. That were recorded in an ongoing Windows 10 SDK build. On the same list, in addition to Cloud (which was the codename for Windows 10 S) and Andromeda was something many refer to as “Light.”

Brad Sams recently reported on that this Lite SKU may be one more attempt by Microsoft to go up against ChromeOS with a restricted version of Windows 10. He likewise hinted that Microsoft may opt to name this SKU an option that is other than “Windows.”

The purpose behind this possible name/branding change sounds good to me. Many users who have bought the very few PCs that shipped with Windows 10 in S Mode on by default have been confused by this variation. However, it hasn’t been all that explained that S Mode just gives users a chance to run subset (UWP/Store) applications just and not all Win32 applications.

Microsoft has only a main selling device to run Windows 10 in S mode is Surface Go. The low-end portable Surface devices launched this year which are aimed at the education, customer and so on. Microsoft never again makes Windows 10 in S Mode the default OS on Surface Laptop. It did earlier when the first adaptation of that product shipped.

Microsoft hasn’t totally dismissed Windows 10 in S Mode – it’s as yet available for users who need its indicated additional security and performance – yet it is difficult to describe S Mode as a success, I’d feel comfortable saying.

Some worries and guidance on further move from Microsoft

Still a big question remains in my mind about WCOS is, how will it work under the covers. Will it work like Microsoft’s “Continuum”, in that plugging a WCOS device to a bigger screen and keyword will give users a full desktop- type experience? and, will WCOS bring limit to apps so that Win32 apps keep running in a VM? I don’t know which, if any, of these options has emerged as the final choice.

While I trust any bran new Surface device types will run WCOS inside, I am not sure, which ones will run WCOS Lite. There are some speculations that whatever succeeds Andromeda may be a candidate for WCOS Lite. Till this moment, I do not have further update on this from my contact sources.

As a result of the still relatively modest number of quality UWP/Store applications. Something that MSIX and Progressive Web Apps may help change sooner or later. It’s difficult to perceive any new device shipping in the near term being a potentially successful WCOS Lite platform.

Users are awaiting for Microsoft confirmations on this, this post is just a judgmental guide for users’ benefits.

I would recommend you to contact with Microsoft Support for further information on this.

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