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Windows 10 PC Turns On Without Any Input

A PC turning on without anyone else’s input arbitrarily can be exceptionally irritating. I have confronted this circumstance different quantities of times, and I needed to make a point to turn the switch off, so there is no way of it turning on automatically. There could be different reasons why your Windows PC turn itself on and awakens from sleep, standby or notwithstanding when its shutdown. How about we view all the possible factor, however before that, there is an approach to find out what woke up your PC.

Windows 10 PC Turns On Without Any Input

Discover what woke your PC

Open a command provoke with administrator privileges, and type the accompanying command and hit Enter:

powercfg – lastwake

This will demonstrate to you the last gadget which woke up your PC. The second direction is:

powercfg – devicequery wake_armed

This will demonstrate a rundown of all devices which can awaken your PC. The plan to run these command is to comprehend the reason if it’s on the hardware level.

Now,you can see from the list that there are three devices which can awaken my PC. As you have the keyboard, mouse and the Gigabit Network association, i.e., Ethernet.


Windows 10 PC turns on without anyone else

In the event that your Windows PC turns on by itself from Sleep during the evening or on some other occasions randomly, it tends to be an hardware or a software issue, and the resolution will rely upon this. Here are a couple of suggestions that may encourage you.


1] Disable Fast Startup

Windows 10 accompanies Fast Startup mode which doesn’t turn off your PC the standard way. Rather, it keeps it in a mixed state so when you turn on the PC once more, it is substantially quicker. As per a couple of specialists on the form, this can be an issue, and the arrangement is disable Fast Startup.

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2] Prevent Task Scheduler from awakening the PC

Now and then it’s to a greater degree a software issue, than a hardware issue. It is conceivable that you are utilizing a Scheduled Task to complete a portion of your work at a particular time or different time. So we have to dispose of them, and as opposed to erasing those tasks, we can change the Power settings of Windows to ensure it disregards those tasks when on Standby or Hybrid mode.

  • Open Power Options > tap on Change Plan Settings.
  • Make a point to choose the right power plan, and afterward pick the choice Change advanced Power settings.
  • Search for the Sleep tree and expand it to discover the alternative which says Allow Wake Timers. Disable it.

This will ensure that none of that program can awaken your PC when it’s in sleep mode or shutdown mode. This applies just to Laptops.

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3] Disable Automatic Restart

Numerous a period the PC crashes, and the system restart itself. This is by plan or design. On the off chance that you have left your PC on standby, and this occurs, the PC will restart, and if the issue rehashes, this will continue waking your PC.

  • Type System on the Search bar.
  • When it shows up, click to launch.
  • Towards left, select Advanced system settings > Advanced tab
  • Tap on Settings under Startup and Recovery.
  • Don’t tick mark on Automatically Restart and click on OK.

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4] Keyboard or Mouse Waking up your PC

The mouse and keyboard are one of the real culprits with regards to awakening your PC. Possibly someone just passed by your PC, and marginally hit them, and your PC turns on. On my PC, I have set the keyboard to boot up my PC, and when my child just claims to take a shot at the keyboard, the PC wakes up.

These devices accompany power management option, and you can disable it to ensure they don’t awaken your PC except if you truly need to wake them up.

Open Device Manager (Win+X and afterward hit M). A list will appear with all the hardware on your PC. Select your mouse or the keyboard.

Right snap and go to properties > Power Management tab. Presently uncheck the box which says Allow this device to wake the computer.

Aside from the mouse, and keyboard in the event that you are utilizing any gaming apparatus to play games on your PC, you have to disable power options for them too. You can make sense of that with the powercfg – lastwake order we shared previously. You should do experimentation to make sense of which device is waking the gadget.

Note: Make beyond any doubt to have in any event the keyboard or mouse to be able to wake up. You would prefer not to hit the Power button every time to wake your PC.

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5] Wake on Lan

In the event that your PC is connected with a network, Wake On Lan can likewise bring back your PC on the web. This feature proves to be useful when a PC needs to communicate or send information or files to a network PC which should just come online when it is asked. Incorporated with the hardware, i.e., network adapter, this could be one conceivable reason. On the off chance that you check the screen shot where we ran the command, you will see that we do have the ethernet adapter as one of the wake-up devices.

Go to Device Manager (Win+X and after that hit M). Under Network adapters, locate the one that was listed previously. Try not to change anything with those listed as Miniport.

Right-tap and select Properties > Power management > Uncheck the option which says ‘Allow this device to wake up the computer’.

This will ensure no PC on the network can wake your PC. In any case, try to recall this in the event that you require it.


6] Prevent Scheduled Windows Update and Automatic support

Contingent upon your active hours or a predefined plan, it is possible that its the Windows Update that has restarted your PC to finish the update. Windows likewise has in-built Automatic Maintenance mode which awakens the PC at the set time and performs all the update on your PC.

Go to Settings > Windows Update and Security > Windows Update > Select Active Hours.

To change the ideal opportunity for Automatic maintenance, type Automatic maintenance in the search bar, and tap on it. Now, here you can change the timing or just uncheck the box ‘Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time’.

I trust all these help you solve the problems which had been awakening your Windows 10 PC out of the blue.

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